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  • Why do you only have several units of each product?
    We believe in the importance of detail in the products we create, for this we limit each design to very few units. This way we can focus on offering a quality product that is at the same time very limited. Perfect for those who like to dress differently from the rest.
  • What is an Advance Order?
    Pre-Order is the purchase of an item before it is produced. This method helps us know what our clients like, once we have a certain demand for a model we proceed to produce it, and we do avoid overproduction of clothing.
  • How is a Pre-Ordered product different from one in Stock?
    The Pre-Ordered products have not yet been produced, so with your purchase, you help us decide which product we create. On the other hand, a product in Stock is ready to be shipped after a couple of days from your purchase. All Pre-Order products have a longer lead time, approximately 3-4 weeks to be produced and one week to be shipped.
  • How long does it take for a Pre-Order to arrive?
    As it is a Pre-Order, it is a product that has not yet been produced. This means that the product will have a minimum waiting time of 3-4 weeks to be produced. After this it will be sent by certified mail.
  • Do you have a physical store?
    Currently we do not have a physical store, we have a warehouse from which we manage orders.
  • Where do you get old photographs from?
    70% of the photographs we use are in the public domain or lack of domain due to the age of the images or their exposure through digital social media that disassociate the copyright from their owners, many of them have even been Postcards issued by different municipalities, souvenirs, companies, etc. 10% are cases of private domain transferred for exhibition and use. In the remaining cases we do not know where these images come from, since it is difficult to corroborate the origin of each image that appears digitally. If for any reason we are unknowingly using any image for which you own the rights, please contact us to remove said image immediately. Or if you wish, we will give you the corresponding credits, mentioning you on our website as the owner of said photograph.
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